Legal Services

Landmark’s in-house legal department delivers a streamlined and meticulous service delivery at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm. Our team of legal experts consists of seasoned real estate lawyers, senior paralegals and dedicated legal clerks, all focused on providing expertise in real estate related legal matters.

Landmark’s legal team drafts, negotiates, and coordinates documentation in accordance with established guidelines tailored for each client.

Activities include:

  • Document preparation, negotiation, and coordination:
    • Lease documents (leases, offers, renewals)
    • Acquisition & disposition documents (purchase and sale agreements, subleases, termination agreements)
    • Lease amendment and modification documents
  • Preparation and circulation of lease renewal option notice letters
  • Review, modification and circulation of Estoppel Agreements
  • Preparation of lease summaries and abstracts
  • Lease due diligence (review of leases to be assumed through an acquisition)
  • Lease review, interpretation and recommendation
  • Lease registration
  • Template optimization (standard lease templates)
  • Preparation of other real estate related documents such as release letters and demand letters
  • Establish and maintain standard corporate guidelines for all lease documents
  • Legal document management and disaster recovery

How does this benefit you?

  • Experienced real estate lawyers protecting your interests
  • Legal documents customized to your requirements
  • Substantial cost savings (a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms)
  • Efficient lease processes