Lease Audit

How you can benefit from a Lease Audit?

Real estate is often one of the largest expenditures after payroll and while these costs continue to rise, most tenants are left confused and uncertain as to what they should and should not be paying under their lease obligations. An effective lease audit will help recover previous overpayments and reduce future expenses, but only if done properly.

Activities include:

  • Cost reduction and expense recovery
  • Desktop reviews
  • In-depth lease audit
  • Verification of all real estate related invoices
  • Verification and approval of all year-end operating expense and tax adjustments
  • Customized reporting


What is a Lease Audit

How will a Lease Audit benefit you?

What are some of the challenges in conducting a Lease Audit

Areas where tenants commonly overpay include:

Why use Landmark to audit your lease?

Landmark’s Lease Audit process


How does this benefit you?

  • Get money back by recovering overpayments from previous years
  • Reduce real estate costs going forward
  • Identify unfavorable lease clauses for remedial action during renewal negotiation
  • Elevate fraud awareness and deter fraudulent activity
  • Identify, develop and implement process improvements